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Colombia, Aponte (WS)

Tasting Notes: Stone Fruit with Distinct Floral Notes. Creamy body and condensed milk sweetness.


Suited to: All Filter Methods 


Process: Honey

Variety: Caturra, Colombia

Region: Tablón de Gomez, Nariño, 

Alitude: 2100 Metres above sea level


This lot was grown and processed by 8 independent farmers who own small farms located around the town of Aponte, in north-western Nariño, Colombia. The town is extremely remote and hard to reach, found deep inside Juanambú Canyon and surrounded by steep, rugged mountains. The town experiences a cool climate and high winds year-round and sits on very fertile soil, thanks to the nutrient-rich ash constantly shed by nearby Galeras Volcano.

Aponte’s unique micro-climate, with warm winds and year-round cool temperatures, contributes to the success of ‘honey’ processing in the area. The producers in the region have become expert in this processing method, resulting in clean, sweet and fragrant coffees that are distinct to the town.

Colombia, Aponte (WS)

PriceFrom $15.00
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