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Ethiopia, Werka (WS)

Tasting Notes: Fruit Forward. Expect Flavours of Plum, Grape and a floral lingering finish.


Suited to:  All Filter Methods & Espresso


Variety: Local landrace and JARC varieties

Process: Natural

Region: Werka, Nensebo.  

Altitude: 2020 Metres above sea level


This lot is made up of coffees grown near the kebele (local village) of Werka (pronounced “wer-kah”), which is located in the Nensebo woreda (administrative district), in Ethiopia’s West Arsi Zone. The coffee was processed using the natural method at Gara Kone washing station, one of 26 owned and managed by Testi Coffee, a family-owned company. Sitting at an impressive 2,020 meters above sea level, Gara Kone produces exceptional natural coffees.

Ethiopia, Werka (WS)

PriceFrom $16.00
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