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About us

Press is a coffee roastery, cafe, pantry shop & event space located in a quaint 1930's house in Central Dubbo, NSW. The name is derived from it's location in the former office of the Land Newspaper. Press opened it's doors in July 2015 & has slowly progressed into the beautiful space it is today. Our aim/ passion is to provide friendly service & fresh homemade food accompanied by our own roasted coffee in a cosy setting that all can enjoy. 



Sourcing Coffee

Our Food

Coffee is a celebration of complexity and craftsmanship. Coffee flavours have become more diverse and subtle than ever before due to the different cultivation methods in different areas, variety improvement, and advancements in processing. We aim to preserve these characteristics through careful roasting. Our Roaster, a unique and highly modified vintage machine delivers a consistently clean, bright and expressive profile. 

We pride ourselves on working with quality driven and transparent export partners to source sustainable, highly graded raw coffee. Sustainability starts with financial sustainability for the farmers. 

Our menu is inspired by Australian cafe culture. Focusing on locally sourced ingredients & seasonal produce. 

Working With Us 

You can find more information and what positions are available in our careers portal here.  

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